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Rite Aid Shooter Self-Identified As Transgender Male

Topix TG News - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 14:26

A friend of the woman who killed three people in a mass shooting in Maryland Thursday revealed that she identified as a transgender male. Authorities identified the shooter who killed three people and wounded two others at a Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen as a 26-year-old woman named Snochia Moseley.

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Liverpool ReSisters slammed by mayor in transgender row

Topix TG News - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 09:55

Campaigners opposed to a council motion about Liverpool's transgender community have been accused of "intimidation" and "abuse" by the city's mayor. The motion also included a commitment to light council buildings in the "transgender colours of blue, pink and white" and fly the "transgender flag" at the town hall for one weekend a year.

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Anti-transgender bigots sink to new low with latest ad

Topix TG News - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 05:19

This ad has nothing to do with transgender people having equal access to public facilities. CREDIT: YouTube/No on 3, Keep MA Safe This November, Massachusetts voters will consider Question 3, a referendum on whether to retain a 2016 law protecting transgender people from discrimination in public places.

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Pakistani Court Orders Separate Rooms For Transgenders in Hospitals

Topix TG News - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 01:07

Islamabad: A court in Pakistan has ordered all state-run hospitals across the Punjab province to ensure separate rooms for the transgender community, the media reported on Thursday. In the ruling, the Lahore High Court directed the provincial government to ensure separate rooms in public hospitals to facilitate the vulnerable community, Xinhua news agency reported citing Pakistani media reports.

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Study Confirms That Transgender People Are Not a Threat to Cisgender People in Bathrooms

Topix TG News - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 20:41

The study presents findings from analyses of areas of Massachusetts both with and without ordinances that protect transgender peoples' right to use bathrooms, as well as analyses of data from public record requests of criminal incident reports related to assault, sex crimes, and voyeurism in public restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms. Ultimately, the study found that any instances of privacy or safety violations are "exceedingly rare."

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Poll: Voters back nurse question, Baker, Warren

Topix TG News - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 16:11

A majority of likely voters support the nurse staffing, campaign finance and transgender non-discrimination questions on November's ballot, along with backing Gov. Charlie Baker and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren in their re-election bids, according to a poll released Wednesday. The Suffolk University/Boston Globe survey of 500 likely voters gave the Republican incumbent Baker a 27-point lead over Democratic challenger Jay Gonzalez.

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LHC orders govt to arrange separate rooms for transgender patients in hospitals

Topix TG News - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 11:33

Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi of Lahore High Court on Wednesday directed the Punjab government to arrange separate rooms in Out-Patient Departments at all public hospitals for treatment of transgender community. Petitioner submitted that transgender persons were given discriminatory treatments in every field of life and even being denied medical facilities at public hospitals.

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Transgender student, 20, dies after overdosing on caffeine tablets

Topix TG News - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 07:07

The 20-year-old, who was studying English and French at Cardiff University, was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after. Pontypridd Coroner's Court heard that Marty's caffeine level was 442mg per litre of blood - after one cup of coffee, the caffeine level is around 3mg per litre of blood.

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Why the case against Tim Blair for alleged transgender vilification failed

Topix TG News - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 02:47

Although Blair's comments came "close to the line" of inciting severe ridicule, they didn't quite cross it. Ultimately, the case failed.

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Winthrop teenager pleads guilty to slaying parents, dog on Halloween

Topix TG News - Wed, 09/19/2018 - 22:27

A Winthrop teenager admitted Wednesday at the Capital Judicial Center to killing her parents and the family dog on Halloween 2016. Andrew Balcer, 19, of Winthrop, who is transgender and uses the name Andrea , pleaded guilty to two counts of intentional or knowing murder and one count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

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Transgender woman killed by border agent tragically misidentified by police, activists say

Topix TG News - Wed, 09/19/2018 - 18:00

When law enforcement authorities in Texas identified one of four women they say was killed by Border Patrol supervisor Juan David Ortiz, they made a tragic situation even more painful for those who knew Nikki Enriquez, LGBTQ activists say. That's because the 28-year-old transgender woman had disassociated herself from her birth name, Humberto Ortiz and had taken on a new name and identity.

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Transgender woman killed by border agent tragically misidentified by police, activists say

Topix TG News - Wed, 09/19/2018 - 18:00

When authorities identified the four women allegedly killed by Border Patrol agent Juan David Ortiz, they gave the wrong name for Nikki Enriquez. Transgender woman killed by border agent tragically misidentified by police, activists say When authorities identified the four women allegedly killed by Border Patrol agent Juan David Ortiz, they gave the wrong name for Nikki Enriquez.

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Anna Friel hopes trans drama can change perceptions like Brookside lesbian kiss

Topix TG News - Wed, 09/19/2018 - 15:54

Actress Anna Friel has said she hopes that her new drama programme can help change perceptions about transgender children in the same way that her lesbian kiss on Brookside did for all-female couples. Friel will play the mother of a boy who wishes to live as a girl in a new mini-series called Butterfly.

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Transgender community in Jordan faces abuse, discrimination

Topix TG News - Wed, 09/19/2018 - 11:21

Cover of MyKali Magazine where JHR-mentored journalist Hiba Abu Taha published her piece. The cover features Rachid, who transitioned from female to male despite Jordan criminalizing sexual reassignment surgeries.

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Barriers for transgender voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections

Topix TG News - Wed, 09/19/2018 - 06:52

In 2017, State Rep. Danica Roem of Virginia became the first openly transgender person to be elected to a state legislature, and just last month, gubernatorial candidate, Christine Hallquist of Vermont, became the first transgender person to win a major party nomination. While these accomplishments are a significant sign of change in American politics, transgender people still face challenges in the political arena.

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Health care coverage extended to transgender state employees after 5-4 vote by GIB

Topix TG News - Wed, 09/19/2018 - 02:33

Gender-affirming surgery and related treatments will now be covered for transgender state employees under state-provided health insurance after a 5-4 vote by the Group Insurance Board last month ended the ban on coverage exclusions. Though the case for coverage has come to an end, benefits to state employees will take effect Jan. 1, 2019 in a process that took over two years.

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Why Are Pediatrician Groups Conforming to Transgender Orthodoxy?

Topix TG News - Tue, 09/18/2018 - 21:52

All of this relates to a global child-welfare battle that is being fought in schools and surgeries across the English-speaking world. One of the most successful tactics used by the activists is to pathologize the debate; only "transphobes" question ostensibly pro-trans assumptions.

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The courageous transgender, Lili Elbe

Topix TG News - Tue, 09/18/2018 - 17:16

Born as a man around 1880s, Einar Wegener was a successful landscape painter by the age of 22. He was widely appreciated as an artist for depiction of Danish Vejle Fjords. Einar went to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he met Gerda Gottileb, who became his wife in 1904 and later helped him, albeit unintentionally, discover his feminine side.

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Hina Butt passes resolution condemning murder of transgender in Sahiwal

Topix TG News - Tue, 09/18/2018 - 12:49

A resolution was submitted in the Punjab Assembly on Monday condemning the sad incident in which a transgender was allegedly burnt alive by unidentified persons in Sahiwal few days ago. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz lawmaker Hina Pervaiz Butt said in the resolution that the state is bound to provide equal rights to every citizen of the country according to the Constitution of Pakistan and it should be the top priority of the state to safeguard the lives and properties of every citizen.

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B.C. transgender woman who was denied Brazilian wax job withdraws human rights complaint

Topix TG News - Tue, 09/18/2018 - 08:19

She withdrew the complaint because she felt she was being harassed by the lawyers who she says were threatening to publicly identify her A transgender woman in B.C. has withdrawn a human rights complaint filed against an aesthetician who turned down her request for a Brazilian wax job. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms , whose lawyers represented the aesthetician, said Monday their client was vindicated and called it a "victory."

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