September 7, 2008

I got a check from one of my customers and decided it's a good time to go meet my new family. I am so excited to finally be going to Maine to meet my sister face-to-face! This is going to be so fantastic!

For a bit of background: I bought some stuff from Donna on eBay shortly after Laura died. I have had a few messages back and forth with some of my sellers, but for some reason, it was different with Donna. When I realized that a friendship was developing, I had to set the record straight and tell her that I was using my femme name and that I was a man -- well, at the time I thought I was. Donna wrote back and told me I was wrong; she knew I was really a woman. She knew it before I did!

Then she said she had something to confess too: she was using her mother's name on eBay. This is hardly uncommon, but she sounded like that was worse than my confession. Since then we've been on Yahoo Messenger almost every night.

After a short time, we were saying and thinking so much alike that she said we must have had the same mother and didn't know it. We started calling each other "Sis" and it has stuck. I've even been telling my family about my sister. And, Bree, her daughter calls me Aunt Nancy.

With the turmoil that my life was in with Laura's death and unemployment that led to losing our home, I am pretty certain that had it not been for Donna's support and encouragement I would have ended my life.

Now I really get to collect on some of those hugs she says she owes me.