August 23, 2006

I started a spreadsheet of some things to do with the money. I added into it the cost of going to Dr. Suporn in Thailand for my SRS. I had heard that the surgery could be done for $5,000 over there. He has performed his procedures on many transsexual girls like me.

August 15, 2006

Steve called back. It appears the guy was legitimate. The lawyer he works for does this kind of case for a living. The upshot is that we each seem to be in line for something on the order of $37,000! My mind started racing about what I could do with that.

August 12, 2006

Got a strange call from a guy who identified himself as a genealogist for a lawyer who had found an inheritance that my father was in line for. Since Dad died, my brothers and I might be next in line. Thinking it was probably a bill collector, I called Steve about it and he said he would check some more.

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