Do I Live an Alternate Lifestyle?

I was recently accused of living an "alternate lifestyle." I’m trying to figure out what that is. Since this is a catch phrase of the Christian right, I may throw in a few Biblical references here at the risk of not having this published.

As I understand it, the Christian reactionaries seem to think that a "normal" lifestyle is a husband, a wife (who is to submit to her husband), and children.

Okay, I’m single (widowed) and never had children. I live with my elderly mother and am her primary caregiver. So I guess that’s an "alternate lifestyle."

Is there something wrong with that? The apostle Paul wrote that it’s good to be single (I Corinthians 7:8-9) and okay if I’m looking for a husband.

I believe that caring for my mother is in accordance with Biblical teachings (Exodus 20:12). I am honoring my mother. Certainly it’s a growing trend for children to become their parents’ caregivers and I have a hard time accepting that Christians oppose that.

Maybe the judgmental label that has been imposed upon me has something to do with my being a transsexual. I can (and have) give a whole sermon on that issue. (John 9:1-12, Psalm 66:10-12, John 1:3)

He presented me with a burden that He knew I could handle and use for His Glory. I was a slave to an ideal that was wrong for me, so now I seek my freedom (I Corinthians 7:21-22). I am not a "man." Yes, under "Caesar’s" law I was judged a male. But I live to serve the highest Law, which is written on my heart.

I am a woman in my heart (mind, soul, spirit). I dress as a woman and live as a woman. I speak out as a Christian (Isaiah 42:6-7). Yet other Christians shun me and refuse to follow His commands (Matthew 19:19). This is a sign of preferred ignorance and oppression – not Christian charity.

Do I live an "alternate lifestyle?" If understanding my place in God’s world and following his teaching is an "alternate lifestyle," then, yes, I do. And I’m proud of it and will not change to suit those who prefer to remain ignorant, fearful, and bigoted.