Victim to Victor

This was written for the Transgender Day of Remembrance here in Charlotte.


Victim to Victor

We transgendered are often advised to "pick our battles." Many of the people whose names are read tonight didn't have that opportunity – some were killed in their own homes. It seems that sometimes the battle comes to us.

What can you do to make it a safer world for you?

What can we do to make it a safer world for all of us?

Despite the incidents that bring us here tonight, the world is a better place today because of those who have gone before. We, in a sense, stand on their shoulders. But is incumbent upon us to remember that those who are yet to come will stand on our shoulders. It is our responsibility to provide them a solid foundation and a positive model.

Peace is not the complete absence of conflict, nor is it the absence of busy-ness. Peace is being accepted for who you are, not who you have been or will be. There are pockets of peace in this world; seek them out and enjoy the feeling.

We don't have to be victims. We will win the war over time. Be positive; be proactive; be proud! Be a victor.