A Christian Transsexual? - Can a transsexual be a Christian?

There are many (including Christians) who say, or believe, that what I'm doing, that is changing sexes, is a sin. They tell me that I should be what God made me.

My response to that is, "I am" (John 1:3). God made me a transsexual for His glory. How it's all supposed to work out, I don't know. But I do believe that, somehow, I am doing His work and furthering His Kingdom on Earth.

Why, you might ask, would He do this to anyone? (Psalm 66:10-12) tells us that we will be afflicted in some way in order to "purify" us (which is a better translation of "testing"). But He also promises us a "place of abundance."

Look at it this way: Do you really appreciate being a man or woman? I doubt you even think about it most of the time. But when someone like me stands in front of you and you can see what it takes to switch, you begin to appreciate being what you are. The man suddenly given his sight surely appreciated his "gift" of sight, which most of us just take for granted.

I've also heard, "You're twisting the Bible to suit your lies." I can't guarantee that I'm not, and I do believe that is being done often, even by those so many listen to. However, I also see that the Lord wants me to speak out (Isaiah 42, esp. 6-7) to help others.

Why he chose this particular burden for me, I don't know. It's really not my concern either. It is my task to use it in a way that glorifies Him on Earth. I resisted accepting this burden (Luke 22:42-43) for most of my life. But He sent me someone (an angel) for 20 years who helped me not only find the Lord, but to mature to the point where I could help others to understand His plan.

There are many cultures on this Earth that have traditionally not only embraced transsexuals, but even revered them. These cultures believe in a Supreme Being, that is God by another name, who is both male and female. For them a transsexual is more like that Supreme Being than most of the people.

God made my soul - and it is in His image. That image is both male and female. My parents made my body - that's God's plan (Genesis 2:15).

We have all often heard the missive, "There's masculine and feminine [sides] in all of us." Scientific research (e.g. Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Dr. John Money, et al) bears this out.

During a human's development, both before and after birth, there are numerous points where "switches" have to be thrown. If the switch doesn't get triggered, the result is feminine; if it does, the result is masculine. So the "perfect" man would have all of the switches done and the "perfect" woman would have none of them thrown. As you might guess, this, essentially, is never the case.

Additional research has discovered that there may be a genetic predisposition to sexual "abnormalities," including transsexualism. This doesn't mean that all of us with this inclination will pursue gender reassignment; it takes other influences, especially early in our childhood. And, no, I am not blaming anyone for my situation.

Some of us can deal with our burden without pursuing surgical correction; others cannot. While my angel was with me, she balanced out my life so that I did not need to pursue this goal. By the time she died, I had matured enough spiritually and psychologically to understand and accept my place in the world. I now seek my freedom from slavery (I Corinthians 7:21-22) to an ideal that is wrong for me.

"But Deuteronomy 22:5 says crossdressing is wrong." Yes, it is wrong if it is done for fraudulent purposes (such as sneaking into a harem for "hanky-panky"). But keep in mind that gender is not between the legs - it is between the ears. For me, wearing men's clothes is wrong because, in my heart (mind), I am a woman. Yet too many people want me to commit a "sin" by doing just that.

"Oh, well, you're just twisting things around to enlist others in your perversion." No, I would never encourage anyone to do what I'm doing. I will help others who I believe need that assistance (I Corinthians 1:3-4), but I will not ever try to "turn" someone. Frankly, the effort is so great that most people would never complete the process unless they were really convinced it was right for them.

The only "convincing" I want to do is to help the uneducated understand that we transsexuals are not the "spawn of the devil" nor horrible monsters out to change everyone. We really are pretty much just like everyone else. Many of us are, or would be, Christians if others wouldn't push us away. (II Corinthians 2:7)