Diana's Rules For Appropriate Attire

This was written by a friend for our support group newsletter.


Diana's first rule for appropriate attire is, "KNOW your environment!" What I mean by this is that you should know where you are and where you’re going! You ask, "What's that have to do with appropriate attire?" A lot!

If you have a chance to check out the area, you should go and see what the other girls are wearing, so you can get an idea what to wear when you go there en femme.

Ask yourself, "Would I wear a business suit to the pool party on Saturday afternoon?" What about my bikini to the supermarket? How about wearing lingerie to church or work? Get the point?

Diana's second rule is, "Wear age appropriate clothing!" Simply wear an outfit that someone your own age would wear. Would you wear something that a child would wear? I think not! I wouldn’t wear something that was too old for me either, like grandma's dress.

Diana's third rule is, "Update your look." You should try to update your look so that you fit in with everyone else. Some fashions/clothing stay in style a long time, like the classics. For example, the little black dress or a nice pair of jeans. Some clothing styles come and go as fast as yesterdays' news. Sometimes they come back into style again.

When Diana goes out to the mall she wears something simple like jeans with a nice top or blouse. (That's what the other women are wearing.) When she goes out for a dinner date (depending where) a nice dress or she remembers rule number one. Then when she goes out to the club, "Watch Out!" Diana goes with rule number four... "HAVE FUN!!!"