Finally, a Dream Comes True

It has been a dream for a long time to square dance. A couple of months ago I did a search and found two groups in the area. Yes, square dancing in Boston! I contacted both groups, one of which is a gay square dancing group. The other group is a club that meets at MIT -- yes, the prestigious university.

Tonight was the first class at MIT. It was great fun, even though I can't say that I got everything quite right. In one hour, we covered 20 moves. Some were relatively simple, and some were pretty complicated (at least to me).

I do know that I will dress differently next week. Tonight I was wearing a suit with a straight skirt - not good. And my shoes were office shoes with a low heel - again, not good. Next week I will wear at least a regular square dance skirt and my Grasshoppers.

I figured most of the people would be students - it is an allowed PE class. But there were quite a few older people - including some handsome guys. I think we had at least six squares (48 people).

And, yes, I got a few little looks, but none bothersome. And I had no problems having guys ask me to be their partners.

I'm tired and my legs and feet are sore, but I enjoyed it immensely.