I have a friend, and for purposes of protecting her confidentiality, I'll call her "Linda." Linda had some surgery last week for breast cancer. When she left the hospital, she already knew that the doctors were still concerned.

After recuperating alone for a few days, she was getting depressed about her prospects, yet she knew that God was still on her side. She asked me to come over after church on Sunday, which I was happy to do. I knew about the surgery, but did not know yet what the doctors had told her.

As she told me the news, she cried and I tried to comfort as best as I could, which seemed inadequate. Then she said that she had an appointment with the surgeon and oncologist today and asked if I would go with her for comfort and another set of ears. Well, of course, I agreed.

None of this may seem significant to most people, but it does to someone who has often felt rejected because of her "lifestyle." Linda, who does know of my past, asked me to do something that clearly shows a level of friendship that I have rarely in my life experienced. I have no idea how, or even if, I should tell her what this means to me.

God has blessed my life greatly, and Linda is one of those blessings. I pray that I shall never take them for granted, but fear that I will. I hope that I never tire of finding these blessings in my life.