Judgment Day

After a brief discussion on Judgment Day in church this morning, I thought I would write down my understanding of what that will be like.

The scene opens with God sitting on His throne and Jesus by His side. As I approach the throne, Jesus, knowing that I have accepted His sacrifice for me, comes down and stands between God and me. When God looks up, He says, "I see no sin in this person." Jesus has blocked God's view of me so that the Lord sees only Jesus.

Okay, great, at least my acceptance of Jesus has gotten me over the first hurdle.

But now Jesus turns around and asks, "What have you done for the Kingdom of God?" (Matthew 25) For the first time in my life, I fall to my knees in fear, saying, "Lord, I do not know what fruits have come from the seeds I have sown. Only you can truly answer that, for you have the Book of Life. Have mercy upon me."

I am then subjected to a full accounting of my life. The things I did right will be read out, and things I did wrong. I pray that the things I did right will outweigh the ones I did wrong.

I believe that I will be accepted into Heaven, but I pray every day for opportunities to earn my place.