Letter to Kelli - responding to another Christian on the agony of persecution.

Recently, I received the following letter from Kelli in response to my little writing on being a transsexual Christian.

Letter from Kelli


I am Kelly in xxxx, yy (withheld for security).

I also am a believer and am not just struggling, but agonizing with this same question.

I am 48 and just a year ago came to find that, inside at least, I am more woman than man. I want with all my heart to transition, but faith, family, and finances-- the big three, are all stopping me, and I am just miserable. Maybe you can relate.

Thanks for what you wrote.

Send back if you get a free minute.


(maybe someday, Kelli)

Letter to Kelli

I wrote back:

Hi, Kelli. It does get hard when you have so many poorly informed "Christians" out there passing judgment on someone they don't understand. I find some comfort in knowing they are wrong according to the Bible. God does love you and accepts you the way you are.

"...that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:16) - "Whosoever" mean anyone not just the people who feel they are "correct," "proper," or "acceptable." Those who do not understand that Jesus taught that diversity is acceptable to God and included all people. If Jesus could so believe in the concept of inclusivity for all that He would die for us, why cannot His church?

Faith should not be a stumbling block to transition. Would God have allowed doctors the ability to perform the surgery if He didn't want it done? No, the devil did not create that ability - God did (John 1:3).

I fully understand the family and financial roadblocks. Following my wife's death, that roadblock was removed because I don't care if the rest of my family approves (they don't, but marginally accept).

Finances were a serious impediment for me, but I believe God has solved that problem as well. I was recently informed of a small inheritance that I can claim. It is enough to have my surgery, and I have begun the process of scheduling that for May.

Remember that to "love your neighbors as your self," you must love yourself first. I forget who said it, but "the goal of life is to be able to sit in a room alone and enjoy the company." You can do it.