My Hair

I didn't write about it at the time, but two weeks ago I washed my curly blonde wig (it was overdue) and couldn't get it to come back. So I did some searching and found a salon just a couple blocks from my church and easy to get to.

When I went in, I gave the woman the opportunity to not deal with a transgender. She was happy to deal with me. It turns out that they even have a private room in the basement for wig customers who don't want to be seen without one.

Sophia was truly wonderful with me. She had a human hair wig with a full skin cap that looked great on me. But we both agreed that it might have been a bit too blonde. Well, I was yearning to return to my strawberry blonde days any way. She died a small section in the color I asked for and in the color she suggested (a bit of brown mixed in). She was right.

So she washed and rolled the wig and it was fabulous. The next day at church it was a big hit - of course they all still think it's my real hair.

But Monday brought a storm just short of a hurricane. Bewteen the rain and the wind, my hair was a loss. Tuesday wasn't any better. So I went through the week with straight, mousy hair, although a few people still liked it.

But I wasn't going to Easter service with my hair like that - not with my beautiful first-ever Easter dress. So I went back to Sophia who washed it again and then put it in curlers, which I helped a little with. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before she took them out. I was overjoyed with the look and felt so pretty.

With the better cap, I have been gaining confidence in the constant wind that is in Cambridge.

However, the week's wind took its inevitable toll again. I decided it was time that I learn to do something with it myself. So I went back to Sophia today and she picked out a curling iron for me. She showed me how to do a few sections then left me to finish it. When I went back upstairs, all the women said I did a very good job. So that lifted my already high spirits.