You may have heard before that there are two Greek words used in the Bible which are both translated as "time." The first is chronos and the second is kairos. The explanation usually given for chronos is that is the fluid dimension that we humans experience and measure with our clocks.

The second word, kairos, is often described as "the appointed time." While this is not a bad description, it is not, in my opinion at least, a complete description.

To be more complete, we need to understand that there are, in turn, two kinds of "appointed time." The first one is in reference to a prophecy. To understand this one, we need a brief trip into Physics.

We humans live in what I call a three-and-a-half dimensional universe. We all know and can easily grasp length, width and depth. And if we look at the corner of any box, we can also mostly understand how these dimensions are at right angles to each other. Time is another dimension, and is pretty much just like the three familiar ones. It is also at right angles to the other three (don't try to picture it, it will hurt your brain). However, humans only experience time in one direction (we call it forward or future).

God, on the other hand, sees and experiences time just like we experience length. He can walk backwards and forwards over time. Hence, He can see the future and the past simply by turning His head.

So when God grants someone a prophecy, He not only knows that it will happen, but, to Him has already happened. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that a prophecy "comes true" — that would mean that it might not, and that is not the case. Nor should we consider a prophecy like a promise, for promises can be broken.

A prophecy is "fulfilled" when it is manifest. And this happens at its "appointed" time, or kairos. In this case, even "appointed time" is not really correct. Perhaps "anointed time" would be more appropriate.

The second meaning for kairos is for humans. It is at this appointed time that we are called upon for an action or response. We all hope that we know what kind of response is required at such a time, and indeed God usually prepares us for that.

Okay, maybe "usually" is wrong; maybe He always prepares us, but sometimes we blind ourselves in fear or worldly cares. Such is my case at the moment.

About a year ago, I received a rather lengthy message from God about my calling. Following that, we had a lengthy discussion about it. In that discussion, there were things that I pointed out, and of course He countered. There was a word describing a Biblical "office" that I cannot bring myself to use; He agreed that we don't have to use it as long as I do the job anyway. (Did I lose or win that argument?)

In the time since this discussion, I have looked for signs of when my mission is to start. I have also looked for references in the Bible that might allay my fears or confirm my calling. To a large extent I could not find them.

In the last two Sundays, God has been hitting me over the head with a 2x4 called Pastor John. In both services, he has used Bible passages that I swear were never in the Bible before. But they speak directly to me, both allaying my fears and confirming my calling (at least that's how I feel it). And just to make sure I noticed, last week, verses that were read at my wedding and which meant a lot to both of us were read. Just to further explain the meaning of this to me, these verses have been used before as a signal to me from my late spouse (I won't go into the details, please just accept it).

Last week, John used a passage from Jeremiah that shook me to my core using my fears from that conversation with God. This week, John selected scripture by Paul that exactly matched some of the things I said to God a year ago, and which I could not find in the Bible then.

The bottom line is that I feel kairos is here for me. It has arrived. It is time. The problem is that I don't know how to respond. I believe I am willing (Isaiah 6:8), I just don't know what I should do next. My only thought at the moment is to seek help from someone else who has answered their call. Is that the correct response? I wish I knew.


Lord, my God, my eyes have not seen you, but my heart has. My ears have not heard you by my spirit has. Here am I, send me. Send me where you will. Fill my mouth with the words you command. Cleanse my heart with the waters and fire of your Spirit. Overcome my will with yours. Ready me with both the ferocity of your Word and the gentleness of your Love. Let me go truly in Jesus' name for your sake.