What a difference a few years can make

It is just about two years exactly (I think less a week) since I moved to Charlotte. I was in that apartment about 16 months. I never put up any pictures (I did put up a mirror), never hooked up my stereo. Basically I did no decorating to speak of.

I've been in this apartment less than two weeks since I got my stoff up here. I have rearranged to living room, hung several pictures and havae mor waiting on proper hanging stuff. I just hung two hooks for my aprons and a door mirror in the bedroom. I've moved some additional furniture into the bedroom. I've unpacked some clothes that never got done in Charlotte (almost like new clothes). What is left in my spare bedroom (aka storage) is arranged so that I can easily decide what to do with them.

What's the difference? I don't really know yet, but my first guess is that my acceptance up here is allowing my "nesting" instincts to be expressed. I think this is something all GGs (or at least those with no identity issues) feel. It's absolutely amazing what a difference being accepted in the faith and professional communities is doing for my self-concept and identity.