What makes people decide to become crossdressers?

What makes people decide to become crossdressers?

This is a response to an actual email I received about this site.

I don't believe anyone wakes up one morning and decides to become a crossdresser (the term transvestite has some derogatory connotations and many would take it as such in the context of your email). The reasons why someone crosses gender lines are unknown. There are many theories and probably none of them are totally right. Certainly, there is considerable research that indicates one is born with the need.

Two studies come to mind quickly. One was conducted in Germany and found that people born during WWII were four times more likely to become homosexual than those before and after the war. Stress on the mother is suspected there. The other study that I just heard recently found an unusual pair repetition in certain genes in transsexuals. So it may very well be genetic. There are theories that suggest that there is a genetic predisposition towards transgenderism.

Another possible cause has been shown in DES babies (see http://www3.telus.net/des1/). The effects on female DES babies have been well known and researched for quite some time. It is now being reported that male DES babies are at a much higher risk for transgender expressions. I suspect I am one such person, although there are no remaining records to determine it for sure.

One good starting point for more information can be found in "Definition and Synopsis of the Etiology of Adult Gender Identity Disorder and Transsexualism."